Habit Counter

Jan, 2012

Count Your Habits To Improve Your Life.
Application to help you to count your habit (good or bad), how much you spend for the particular habit monthly, and when the last time you did it or how long it will take for your next habit when you plan on it. 


Show the number of days of the last event. To move to other habit just swipe your finger on the event

The summarize of monthly event.


To enter new event for particular Habit, just tap date and tap new. From this screen you can add new Habit or edit the current one, for example change the picture.


Create New Event For Habit
Creating new event for habit is pretty easy, just do following steps.

When you already on the right habit page, select the date (1). Press the button "New" on below screen (2), and new page will be displayed. Enter the value (3) (above example in Dolar), and press Save button (4). The event you just created will be mark as 1 event on the calendar.

Create New Habit
Not all habit available on the app, but you can create new one, just follow the steps below.

(1) Press New button, and continue with press "New Habit" (2), and will be given new screen to enter new habit. Enter the new habit description (3) and select the unit of this habit (4) if not available the unit you like, you can create new one.

Note: You can also change the picture for this habit, by pressing the picture button. The image gallery will be appear. The best picture to use is the square one and with dimension 128x128.

Press "Save" button (5) and you will be back to to the screen to enter new event, and press "Back" (6) button if you does not want to enter new event for this new habit